Do You Wanna Date the Above Avatar?

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Is it me or did a few posts get deleted in this thread? Cause I could have sworn I posted I here earlier today. EDIT: Nevermind, the site just didn't want to register the last page as existing. And my helmet is not whatever you just said.

OT: Nope.

*Rolls dice*. Not today, my sweet...

2 for the price of one? You're paying

I don't even know who you are. You look kinda dodgy.

Helmet? Evil interlocking fingers? How could I resist?

Your whole kind should have gone extinct seasons ago.

I love you, Gendo, but not in that way!



Only with several pints in me and a seriously wahoonied sense of judgement.

I have not the energy to meaninglessly run around chasing dogs.

Let me answer that question with this alluring mating dance...

I have not the time to meaninglessly run around being chased by potential zoophiles.

I have to kick Snowy up the arse. Perhaps another day. :(

I actually have a blue jumper and orange/brown trousers like ol' Tintin! It would be nice to take him out and see where he gets his coats from!

A man in uniform with a snappy 'tache?


Where's the line?

For Tintin, yes

If you stop looking around like you got paranoia, perhaps.

You don't really look like you'd be fun.. Uh.. Well, I guess we could try? Let us go for pizza!

My my, a pandaren is a rare speciment. Certainly.

Maybe, if he'll smile or throw a complement or two my way. Still, I do love a cold bastard!

Sherlock Holmes is way cooler than you.

Sure, you might even reveal your gravity defying secrets with me!

Maybe, but it will cost you.

The cost will always be too large for you.

Same to you.

How could I ever date a man with such a high fee?

I'll know that you'll never truly love me, because of your dead wife so no

I don't know your age. So on the safe side, no.

You smell of funny.

You have a Torgue badge.


I would regret everything.

I would just be a douche and remind you of your dead wife the entire time.

No way, you charge too much.

Well you bishoven too much.

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