Do You Wanna Date the Above Avatar?

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If today be a Tuesday, my answer'd be yes, but I've lost me watch. Perhaps another time.


Your face is sideways. The answer is abundantly clear.

Sure, if you praise the sun with me.

Hell yeah, them sword/lightning bolt-things are super sexy.

A True Ancestor and a cute one too, this pleases me

An evil purple aura and a creepy ass smile? What's there to not like about you!

I'd say she's my type, but she is a little young isn't she? Like fourteen? Dating that isn't worth jail time!

Sure, why not? Dating four people of varying genders at the same time probably isn't allowed, but hey, never tried it. Let's go!

An orgy with under aged kids, a monster, and some old guy? It's certainly would be an interesting story to tell, but I rather not risk it.

I don't date ninjas!

I make it a point to give the unfortunate ninja'ed a compensation date.

Depends, are you a vampire?

Well how old are ya?! Are ya twelve or thirty? I can never tell! I should say no on principle alone.

Under age ninjas? I'm out, bro.

You fight well and look to be a teenager. Welcome to nERV.

You keep getting teenagers involved in your nefarious plot! when do you want me to pick you up?

You're a magical girl, laws of this world don't apply to you. It's okay, I'm only 800. So, my house or yours?

You may find my son to be more to your type.

Hey, I laugh at psychology too!

We're in different gravity zones...I'm sorry, I don't think it's going to work out.

Maybe the cold and emotionless girl, then?

Well I do like my other half to be intelligent so yes

No... Yes..... Maybe... Cake...?

Sure, as long as she leaves her incendiary fundamentalism out of the bedroom. :I

If he would stop away running from me, it hurts my feelings

That purple flaming evil aura is giving off a good vibe. Them eyes too...

As long as she doesn't suck on mah blood.

If your head doesn't get eaten.

Only if his sandwitches are good.

If he comes with the lamp and book.

As long she's a dom. I like doms.

But the sun is hot and makes me not want to go outside for long during this time of year.

I'm not sure about guys who like to defy gravity, especially if they hide behind a mask

Maybe, if you tell me why your ears are so long.

Also, who are the two peoples behind you?

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