Do You Wanna Date the Above Avatar?

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I might tell you if you finally reveal your gravity defying secrets with me.

Sure I wouldn't mind praising the Sun with them and to answer your question to why my ears are long, Buddhist imagery, that's why

No the above avatar looks rather creepy

No, you haz no face. :o

No, you haz no head. :o

No, you haz no soul. :o

No, you has no potato. :o

I will not date a man that goes with the flow.

No, because that book always gets in the way!

I can't date someone that doesn't take PSYCHOlogy seriously, like I do.

Why not,with our intelligence combined, we could rule the world together

No because taking over the world with someone else is never the same as doing it yourself

N-*Reads username* HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA! Oh god, it's happening again! D:

Nope, to much orange :P

Nah, they used 'to' instead of 'too'. :<

Also, WELCOME NEW PERSON! Don't forget to join the Forum Games group and praise the sun!

I never trusted a woman with something covering their face, so No

Never trust a man-thing with glowing eyes.

I'm not a man thing, I have no genitalia! Our relationship, of which I no longer want, would be strictly platonic!

No, you wouldn't even show me your face, knight man.

Depends, what's your opinion on explosions?

The masks are real. I will join the anti-mask group, so no!

Against the masks? I approve! Now if we could only change those odd eyes of yours, like I had ground to judge.

I'd never trust a thingity-thingy-thing with a horny helmet.

Not quite sure how I possibly could date a lamp. Hm, I would always have to be in charge and turn it on.

I dunno, I can't trust somebody who has brown hair and wears glasses. Just can't do it.

Apparently, it would be pretty one-sided. I'll pass.

Why not, I like girls with glasses

You are still creepy, but you gain points for interesting hat use.

Would be a pain in the neck. Literally.

Your stares could rival my own. You'll make a good substitute for the inevitable gender-bender episodes.

You spend too much time reading, it's already a perfect relationship.

Could one ever truly love a Dalek?

Of course, the mask makes you mysterious and therefore attractive.

Smoking? No, no, no... If I had to choose between dating and breathing, I'd pick oxygen any day.

No, because she's a bad influence. (Ba dum tsssh)

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