Do You Wanna Date the Above Avatar?

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No, he wouldn't give a good head.

I don't date pokemon.

Seems a bit... rotated, for my tastes.

Sorry I'm not into men and I suck at ridddles.

What even are you?!

Perhaps... Tea or Coffee? *eyes intently waiting for the answer*

You are a pretty cool animal. But I am going to have to say no.

Sure. I need someone who can hold my balloons for me.

Dating a collage professor has its perks, so yes.

Oh god yes >->

Sorry I am not really into cola cans or disembodied hands.

I know I'd love it! :D

You touch my drink and I will stab your hand.

I can't even really tell what that picture is, so sorry but I have to say no.

Dragons are awesome, but you hurt me with that last post, so no.

I'm sure I'll be able to get past his tough outer shell.

Probably. It's only cardboard after all.

Sure I wouldn't have any problems with trying. And I don't like making eye contact anyway.

Sorry, I don't date rabbits. I am sure you will find the right balloon holding rabbit someday though, so chin up.


I would not say want to, but I might do it any way.

Great poker face, Rorschach! *Smooch*

Depends, do I get free guns?

As long as you take that helmet of when we kiss.

Well I'm not a furry so no thanks.

What is your opinion on adding pyrotechnics to your shows?

Well I'v sunk a boat... fire would be a logical next step. I like the way you think! Hopefully there's a female under than helm because I think we're hitting it off.

You would be incorrect with that assumption. I am male, hence the name Fijiman.

Well shucks. That deflated awfully quickly.

I would say no, but I don't know what he would do with that knife.

Sorry, I don't date... what sort of species is an Animaniac, anyhow?

Not crazy enough.

No. She didn't tell why exactly Shock approved of her, whatever she may be.

For her I would praise the sun any day. So yes I would.


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