Do You Wanna Date the Above Avatar?

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Yeah, I wanna see what he's like on Friday!

Not really. Something creepy about that dude.

Well, I'm not really a dating person, but have some chocolates.


Yes please! Just look at that big black (sexy) background, look at it.

You're a bit small, I'm not sure how this would work out


I would probably have to say yes.

going to have to pass on this one.

As a heavy-metal stallion, I feel the need to say yes.

(Real me: Oh God, what have I become?)

What is it? A Cat? if so I ain't no furry!

It's My Little Immortan Joe, did you not get that after all the pony references?

Possibly, but not likely.

For the next poster, this is supposed to be my avatar.
The Escapist doesn't want me to use it.

I'll be answering as myself from now on, for my own comfort.

If a man is inverted, doesn't that mean he counts as a woman? Because I'm not against dancing ghost women.

Ehhhhh...maybe another time.

Well it doesn't look like you're good for cuddling anyway.

I don't know. Will you bring the wrench?

(Let's just pretend this is before my latest left-you post.) Sure, and I promise to only emulate Jim Sterling's favorite comic book character in a gentle way. (January 28th for reference.)

Only if slightly drunk.

I have broken a promise, and must exile myself.

Depends, on a scale of one to blarg, what do you think of me?

eh I'll pass.


Prooooooobably better not.

Anything for you, bby.

Anything but this.

Hard to say.

I could go into a long and arduous response but I will just say that I am not a geezer pleaser so...

Depends, does your K/D ratio make mine look bad?

Depends, does your K/D ratio make mine look bad?

If you are talking about TF2, Mechwarrior: Online, or Arma 3 then you better step up and out of the bushes of love. [BLR reference]

If you are talking about about the character depicted in my Avatar then his kill to death ratio is 30 odd kills and 2 deaths (do not ask).

Ehr... Kepp your tongue to yourself...

Ehr... Kepp your tongue to yourself...

Oh he would, he is literally making faces in the bathroom mirror and would be far too shy to be so expressive in front of strangers. XD

Your avatar reminds me of the expression I had for a week after I recovered from food poisoning so I am just going to keep mah distance, yes, yes.

No, but I think he could use an ice cream, maybe.

eh made me sleepy. keep looking friend.

Nah, he's too flamboyant.

No thank you, but here is a complementary mix-tape.

Morsomk has nice taste in music, but needs to loose weight.

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