Do You Wanna Date the Above Avatar?

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Of course. I feel that he'll help me get a new perspective on life

I would go on one of those interactive dinner mystery theater dates with him. He looks like the type of person that would make one of those things fun. I don't think I would care for that kind of date without someone like him there.



Do you require medical help?

Sure. You can be my Experimental Subject 5XB.

She looks quite pretty, so yes.

Just friends.

what the hell? why not?


Only with a helmet and body armour.

Probably not, don't wanna be electrocuted.

Your head movement is hypnotic, so yes.

I foresee a lot of mixed signals. No thanks.

Of couRSe! We'rE bOTh FLEsh eatING monsterS; We WiLL mAkE a LOVEly COUPle. ThoUG, I am OBVIousLY the PRETTY one in THIS relationSHIP.

No. Sorry but I am just not really into pink.

Only if I get to pop your balloon.

Sure, I've seen him giving me sideways glances.

CAPTCHA: skynet knows
...holy fuck. [deletes all porn]

Yes, for I have all the time in the world.

Only if he tastes like a rabbit. In which case, our first date is also our final date.

So weird.

I like it.

I am okay with this.

I am NOT okay with this! D:

I am all for trying out new things and being adventurous, but I don't think I will survive that encounter. So a big fat no.

With eyes like that? I think so.

No. Na-ah Hell naw. Nope.

Is there a smokin' bod below that head? Is there is, sure. If not, hell to the no.

A threesome? I hypothesize one of them is a child... I may be a flesh eating succubi monster, but pedophilia is strictly on my no-list.

I see you can't take your eyes off me. How sweet.

I already said yes.

Captcha: oontz oontz
What are you implying?

I feel obliged to say yes now.

So... No.

Only if she plays hard to get.

If he gets rid of that silly red nose, then maybe.

The risk factor is too high.

who could say no to that smile and tophat?

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