Do You Wanna Date the Above Avatar?

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I fear for the safety of my mechanical parts.

Well you're kind of a skull affixed to a medal, so it'd be kind of hard to date you without bringing whoever you're pinned to.

I'm not sure

Will you bring some of that fancy Italian bread and olive oil?

Not today.

Looks like you're doing just fine by yourself.

Nope, I'm good! :D

You look like the sort of artifact that my property is forbidden from even knowing about.

I can't really tell what that image is supposed to be, but I guess I could get along with someone that knows about mechanics and builds legos.

Maybe later.

eh hell why not?

Well Dragons are known for their polymorphing abilities :^)

I get the feeling she'd only ever date me blindly, and then leave within about five minutes of us meeting.


Not property material, but how can I say no to a rebel against gravity?


I remember you from that one episode of Buffy! So...HALL pass!

Maybe, but not terribly likely.

Not into guys

That never stopped me.


You have failed at di, time to pie.

You rhyme is like squirting me in the eye with a lime.

Ugh, such bad breath.

you should talk, your BO could knock the stink off a skunk!

At least I don't start fires...while sober.

you couldn't start a fire if I gave you a flamethrower!

Buddy, you are my flamethrower.

Never cared about legos

Dating is such an extra step anyway.

Well he's killed me and had dinner with me in different treads so I'm on the fence.

I will give it some consideration.

Maybe tomorrow.

maybe. just maybe.

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