Ruin-A-Wish Foundation.

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Someone posts a wish, and then the next poster grants it, but ruins that wish.

User A: I want candy.

User B: Granted, but it will be the generic kind you get from an old lady on Halloween.

So I'll begin.

I wish I had a flat screen TV.

Granted but it's Broken.

I wish for eternal World Peace.

Granted, but that's because every ones dead.

I wish for a cookie!

Granted, but you don't want to know what the chocolate chips are made of.

I wish for an A in Bio next semester.

Granted, but you have to "treat" the professor.

I want a new computer!

Granted but it's going to self-destruct in a couple of seconds.

I wish for a metallic hand.

Granted, but the metal is dirty, and soon you get an un-curable infection that spreads almost immediately to your lower areas.

I wish for a Siberian Husky

Granted, but it has only two legs.

I wish for a guitar.

The guitar is of microscopic size. Try playing that!

I wish for Daft Punk to visit my city.

Granted! Some daft punks visit your city.

I wish I wasn't ninja'd.

Granted. You post will appear before other people's, but then a real ninja will visit you and slit your throat.

I wish I was intellingenced.

Granted, but the one thing you don't know is your own name.

I wish I had a cape.

Granted, but you can never take it off.

I wish I could summon money at will.

Granted, but it's in pesos, and you're wanted in Mexico.

I wish I a starfish plush.

Granted, but you can't move and you have an itch on your lower back.

I wish I had a pet tiger.

Granted, but it's tail is 47 miles long.

I wish I a cake shaped like a starfish.

Granted, but it's made out of starfish.

I wish for a law that prohibits the hating of Justin Bieber.

Granted, but then all Justin Bieber haters band together and overthrow the government.

I wish for a new hard drive.

Granted but it's too hard to get into your computer.

I wish for a drink.

It's your mother's urine. That doesn't get me probed right?

I wish for some company at night which will comfort me. No Slendermans, I'm home alone!

Granted but you soon find out they company is an actual company set-up to attain legal right to your organs.

I wish I could get rid of this glass of urine.

Granted, you drink it Voila!

I wish my tea was warm again :(

Granted. *Pours urine into tea making it warm* Two can play this game.

I wish for a pee free cup of tea.

I laughed, thanks guys :D!
Granted. Not sure how to ruin that one >.>

I wish for my dream girl.

Granted, unfortunatley she's from a nightmare you had and so she's totally evil.

I wish for a Mass Effect DLC akin to Lair of the Shadow Broker that's centered on Ashley/Kaiden... I want my fake relationship in a video game resolved thank you very much.

Granted, however the DLC costs as much as a whole game despite only having one short level on it and Ashley/Kaiden dies at the very beginning of that level.

I wish for a billion dollars in cash!

Granted. You're now permanently banned from any country that uses the dollar as currency.

I wish I was super talented on my bass and trombone.

Granted, but you're now so awesome anyone who ever hears you dies by shear awesomenss.

I wish for the snow to be gone.

Granted, but its replaced with a sulphiric acid flood.

I wish I wish I hadn't killed that fish.

Granted, but it decides to kill you in revenge.

I wish I had an evil fucking box.

The box is nine cubic centimeters and has recordings of every swear word ever said by Hitler.

I wish I had a copy of the newest Vinyl Cafe CD.

Granted, but it's stolen from a charity full of sick kids.

I wish for my eyes never to get worse.

Granted, because your eyes can't get worse if you don't have any!

I wish I could come up with clever jokes.

Granted, but your jokes are now so clever no one understand them.

I wish I hadn't wished my previous wish.

Granted, but you create a temporal paradox, resulting in an endless loop that is impossible to escape from.

I wish I were in the Mass Effect universe.

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