Ruin-A-Wish Foundation.

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Granted. They make you do all the most unpleasant tasks and treat you like crap.

I wish no one would ever die because of a drunk driver ever again.

The world has been PG-13ified: the high ratio of property destruction over death leads to global over-population and poverty. As if to rub it in, Big Booze successfully lobbies to give extra privilege to the intoxicated.

I wish "Big Booze" was a super-villain in mainstream comics.

His main attacks falling over and throwing up on people, making him despised by fans and critics.

I wish people would realise sarcasm is a not as witty as they think.

Everyone becomes unwittingly sarcastic... ironically

I wish my phone didn't lose power

It loses memory instead.

I wish talent knew no bounds.

Every human becomes predesposed to every possible useful creative skill and craft which causes conflict between members of management jobs, artistic jobs and bluecollar workers.

I wish the next poster would go back in time to prevent this thread from happening.

While then, I also take the liberty to bomb Gearbox Studios, denying us Borderlands 2 or Pre-Sequel.

I wish educational shows weren't so condescending to small children.

Educational kids' shows are now the only type of show.

I wish my voice was smoother, like butter paragliding over a calm lake in South America during sunset.

Now you sound like a cross between Barry White and Roger Moore, which causes untold embarrassment as it's all you sound like, even when emotional.

I wish I was a voice actor.

An absent-minded casting director hires you for as the star of an improvised comedy and the entire project is a disaster.

I wish the Rick & Morty Season 2 ending happened in real life.

The difference in basic physics between different universes causes a pan-dimentional expanding vacuum, rendering countless planes of life sterile of sentient life or even matter/gravity.

I wish Social Justice movements and their detractors would get along and negotiate a strategy for the betterment of society that would be free of both systemic discrimination and dogmatic ideologies.

They achieve this, but their first convention together is cut short with a suicide bombing. President Trump smiles.

I wish I didn't type that last part.

You go back in time and grab your own hand before you click the "post" button. However, due to the fact you never typed the message, you never had a reason to go back in time, effectively this causes a dangerous time paradox. President Alex Jones smiles.

I wish politicians would concetrate more on actual policies instead of emotional rhethoric.

Let's face it: big corporations have more power at this point than any government anyway; they sic assassins on any politician who debates reasonably, even the Republicans. ESPECIALLY the Republicans.

I wish my Spooky didn't roughhouse the other cats.

Your cat steals food from other cats, instead.

I wish life had cartoon physics.

The vast majority of the population is now terrorised by snarky cartoon animals.

I wish people had amazing superpowers.

Nobody with super-powers ever does anything useful with them.

I wish Flashpoint Paradox was never animated, allowing the original DCAU to continue.

Then you realize F.P. may've been the best thing to happen to DC.

I wish I was selected to remove Excalibur from the stone.

You manage to budge it, right into your eye; while a doctor is outfitting you with an eye-patch, A bratty little girl pulls the sword and becomes a tyrant queen.

I wish to know what's so great about New 52.

Now you sound like a cross between Barry White and Roger Moore, which causes untold embarrassment as it's all you sound like, even when emotional.

OT: granted. Disappointed with the knowledge that it's actually only great because DCecret society banded together to pretend it was good, you wander off into nothingness, in pursuit of lasting and meaningful entertainment.

I wish I knew if a meal or product was going to taste good before ordering or buying.

You now have the abulity to taste things simply by thinking about them. When going through a meat iesle you can taste the various products on the shelves, when going through the streets you can taste the exhaust pipes of the vehicles and the asphalt beneath your feet, when use a public toilet you throw up.

I wish for everybody on the planet would be stuck in the body of the opposite sex for five years in order to resolve gender conflicts once and for all.

Nobody gets accustomed to changing gender and go berserk.

I wish vigilante was a recognized career.

It becomes recognized by the state, however this creates tension between civil mercenaries and the police, which leads to a quazi-gang war between batman-wannabees and law enforcement.

I wish humans established a galactic empire

Within a year it's discovered the new Human capital is located near the Eye of Terror.

I wish I could find collectables in the mail.

You find collectible fast-food coupons for chains that you never want to visit.

I wish George Miller good health at least long enough to make all the Mad Max movies he wants.

The cult director is rejuvinated as his physical health is now at its peak, however his mental state begins to rapidly decline which has a significant impact on his film making.

The next three Mad Max films feature Max (recast as Charlie Sheen) stumbling across a colony of talking animals from Miller's previous films. The film revolves around the protagonist cooperating with militant vegans to shut down a bug-powder factory. Maxim falls in love with a pig, who happends to be the leader of the tribe and kisses her at the end of the trillogy.

I wish Dwarf Fortress became really popular and was researched in universities

University students graduate with a PH.D in simulator games.

I wish I could telepathically influence people to be rational.

University students graduate with a PH.D in simulator games.

Again, how is a bad thing? Remember to explain the detailed consequences of the wish, since simmulation development in the context of pedagogics and information systems would actually be rather useful in this day of age.


The moment you stop concetrating on them, their previous irrational beliefs return and their mind forgets the rational discussion that you attempted to conduct.

I wish gene therapy research had far more funding than it does now

All this funding buys out the health service and all patients must report to gene alteration labs.

I wish there was as many soldiers on patrol as there are in fiction.

Your cat steals food from other cats, instead.

I wish life had cartoon physics.

I already made that wish in this thread!

Back on topic: Granted: They are all released for deriliction of duty after being found falling down drunk on the job.

I wish life had an easy button.

Granted! However, just like in games, you get less experience and loot. You face very little challanges, however you fail to gain any wizdom or profound knowledge and spend the rest of your life living a mundate and mediocre existance.

I wish life had a NG+

Just like From Software games, Everything gets a whole lot harder. (Makes sense sadly.)

I wish resources respawned, just like in games.

Without challenge, we lose all ambition and become undignified pets unto nothingness.

I wish abridged series could be sold on DVD.

Granted! Due to this the concept of copyright crumbles, which leads to the works of small-time creators being stolen or plaguarised and big business hiring hiring black ops operatives to crack down on pirates and immitators.

I wish to find true love in a beautiful person who loves me back

She's smoking hot, but your intense and true love is founded on you shared love for stealing and then burning tons of money.

I wish I was less hairy.

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