Ruin-A-Wish Foundation.

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Granted. However the country's currency is worthless

I wish I had a fast sports car.

Granted. There is no where to drive it at the speeds you wish to go.

I wish I was an ace pilot.

The plane explodes shortly after take-off.

I wish for never-ending tacos.

Granted but the toppings are pretty boring. Mostly tofu and the leafy lettuce.........

I wish for a burrito that is just fine.

Granted, but you can never taste it.

I wish I was stronger. . . Faster. . . BRAVER!

I become a polish winged hussar, and kick the entire world's ass. unfortunately now the entire world is my enemy.

I wish everyone would have a Merry Christmas!

Everyone had a horrible christmas, and now they hate me for it.

I wish Only The Brave had won best picture.

Granted, but all copies of it are destroyed by accident.

I wish life was easier.

It's so easy the alien invaders overtake us easily.

I wish Poets of the Fall would be the half-time act at the next super bowl and it would be the greatest half-time show ever.

Granted, but most of the show is done by or with Tekashi 6ix 9ine

I want a kitten.

You now have a kitten but it's on fire. Because that's the best metaphor for life I can think of

I wish to be the best there ever was

Granted, but you will be a ten year old despite your show going on for over ten years.

you didn't wish for anything so nothing happens. best I could with what I had to work with.

I wish Two Steps From Hell would come do a live orchestral performance here in Sweetwater County.

Granted, btw you meant actual demon from Hell visiting right?

I wish for Half Life 3

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