Ruin-A-Wish Foundation.

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It flies towards your face and spills its hot contents all over you!

I wish I had unlimited moneys.

Granted, but it tends to fly out of reach when you want to use it.

I wish that I had wings, chicken wings, KFC :3
edit: NINJA!

granted but you are banned from every shop in the world, you begin thinking of suicide after three days.

Granted, but you end up eating yourself.

I wish I never slept in so long, I'm actually just only out of bed.

Granted: But now you wake up too early and can't get enough sleep.

I wish for a Yotsuba anime.

Granted, but it never makes it past the pilot.

I wish for ice cream.

Granted but I'm eating it.

I wish I had more confidence in myself.

Granted, but now you're an arrogant dick that no one likes.

I wish I could travel through time safely.

Granted, but you'll always be unsafe after time travel.

I wish for for the power to control people's minds.

Granted, but you can only control paralyzed peoples' minds.

I wish for a time paradox.

Granted, but it wipes you from existence.

I wish I could tell when women are into me.

Granted but none are so you always no I wish i was superman

Granted, but everything you touch turns into kryptonite.

Dam your clever I can't ruin a wish you didn't make.

I wish that TheDoctor455 made a wish in his last post, so I can ruin it.

Granted, but my wish was "I wish I hadn't made a wish". Leaving you with only one corruption possibility... to force me to edit the wish out. It's an endless cycle!

I wish religious extremists would shut the fuck up and stop all of the bickering.

Granted, but now all of the non-religious extremists will begin dick-waving immediately.

I wish carrots were purple again.

Granted, but now everyone eats them turns purple for the rest of their lives.

Granted but wait, goddamm you.

I wish I could breath under water.

Granted, but you can no longer breathe air.

I wish TheDoctor455 would make wishes again.

Granted, but they are impossible to ruin.

I wish I had a space ship with a muffin button on it.

Granted, but...

I wish someone would corrupt the following wish: I wish for infinite money.

Granted, but because of money being infinite, two things happen:
1. It becomes worthless (see post WWI Germany)
2. You are crushed under its weight

I wish I could fly.

Granted, but you can't control it, and you end up flying into space, and die from oxygen starvation.

I wish my cat knew how to clean up after herself.

Granted but its too lazy to do it anyway

i wish i could Ruin all the TheDoctor455 wishes

Granted, but corrupting several of them fucks you over more than me.

Case in point.

I wish gypsy ninja pirate zombie king had infinite money.

Granted, but see following:


1. It becomes worthless (see post WWI Germany)
2. You are crushed under its weight

I wish I could tune out horrible music at will.

Granted but you can no longer listen to the music you like.

I wish hogwarts was real, and I was a wizard there. (That would be awesome)

Granted, but you encounter much of the same happenings as the great Harry Potter himself, with all of the disadvantages of it. Also, you're not nearly as successful.

I wish I had a comfy chair.

Granted, but every time you sit in it, the Spanish Inquisition shows up.

I wish I were in Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Granted, but your jealous friends nail you to the floor, try and fly now!

I wish for a cooler looking gas-mask.

Granted, but now you really CAN'T take it off.

I wish someone would ruin the following wish:
I wish had a working Portal Gun.

Granted, but you have an enhanced version of the gun. :P
I wish for a twin.

Granted, but he just mimics you all the time, driving you insane.

I wish Disney never existed.

Granted...I really don't want to ruin that wish -.-

I wish that for every badge that I earn on the Escapist, I get paid in two rolls of spicy salmon sushi.

Granted, but every other roll is spiked with Spice.
And Spice must flow.

I wish the Ink Spots were still alive and making new great songs.

Granted, but hearing them causes you to go deaf.

I wish that I had 8 dozen cupcakes.

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