Ruin-A-Wish Foundation.

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Granted, but the sheep turns into a wolf every hundred yards and tries to eat you.

I wish I had a ninja.

Granted but its also a gypsy pirate zombie king

i wish i was invincible

Granted but you're now stuck in Space!

I wish my wish would be ruined.

You now suffer from erectile dysfunction.


I wish for more Led Zeppelin cover bands.

Granted, but you are deaf.

I wish I had a pet troll.

Granted. He's called Heart of Darkness and he's on this forum.

I wish I had more time.

Granted, But you're adopted.

I wish for 3 more star wars movie.

Granted but they all have Jar Jar Binks in them as the lead.

I wish WoW never existed.

Granted. Know we all obsess over MoM.

I wish it was raining whores.

Granted, But they are all male whores. With jetpacks.

I wish for a jetpack.

Granted but using it makes your penis smaller.

I wish I had a Predator for a bodyguard.

Granted but its a sexual Predator

i wish for candy

Granted, but now you're stuck in a van. With a sexual predator >.>

I wish I died.

Granted but so do everyone you love. and they rot.

I wish I had come up with that sexual predator line, it was hilarious.

Granted but now you're stuck in the van with me

i wish i had my own robot

Granted, but its a mountain lion robot. It hunts you down and eventually eats you.

I wish I could teleport safely whenever I wanted to.

Granted but you can only teleport too my house

i wish i had lazer eyes

Granted, but I operate your tele-porter, and whenever I go to a safe place, it becomes dangerous...

I wish that I was a better troll.


Granted, but your eyes melt a little every time you shoot a lazer, and you cant stop shooting lazers >.>

Granted but you burn out your own retinas.

I wish for a laser rifle. which doesn't explode.

Granted but you also burn out your retinas

i wish i had a 360

Granted but you get a RROD.

I wish for a PS3

Granted, but it's one of the newer models that doesn't allow backwards compatibility.

I wish for a desktop computer so I can play Team Fortress 2 without massive lag.

Granted, but every time you turn it on your anus bleeds.

I wish the Care Bears were real and were actively helping to save the planet from evil.

Granted, but they've got the idea that humans are evil.

I wish I could return to old Brazil.

Granted, but its the Mesozoic era and you appear in the middle of a Raptor colony.

I wish all my schooling was over.

Granted! But you failed..

I wish I was a potato.

Granted, you get expelled from school, and are now once again, considering suicide.

I wish that Easy Street will commit suicide in public, in New York, Brooklyn, near my house...


Granted, but I'm hungry!

I believe you have to correct your wish when you get ninja'd. Or at least that's how it should be..

OT: Granted, but you weren't home at the time.

I wish for a hat!

The hat is about to explode in 3...2...1... WTF BOOM!!!!!!

I wish too for a hat.

granted, but the hat is filled with poisonous spiders.

i wish for cookies!

Granted. But they are pot cookies.

Whether that's a bad thing or not is up to you.

I wish to be a kid again.

Granted, but now you have fucked up time and space so the universe has exploded.

I wish to wipe out all trolls.

Granted; You are the only one left online.

I wish I had no wish.

You have a wish. At first it may seem like that but I have to ruin your wish by giving you one.

I wish I had a wish I lost.

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