Ruin-A-Wish Foundation.

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Granted, but it's the caffeine free kind..

I wish I had a mountain scene too look at..

Granted, but the mountain is actually an active volcano.

I wish for a subway sandwich.

Granted, but its health effects are ten times worse.

I wish I knew what time it was.

Granted, but it appears you're horriby late for something!

I wish my computer could run better games.

Granted, but you can't afford them.

I wish I didn't have so many socks.

Granted but now you don't have any socks!

I wish I could draw very well.

Granted, but your art can only be viewed by yourself.

I wish my legs were made of gold.

Granted, but now its too heavy for you to use, rooting you in place for the rest of your life.

I wish people would stop making dumb wishes.

Granted but now everyone is a gypsy ninja pirate zombie king ha ha ha

i wish i was the trolleyist troll that ever trolled

Granted, but you are now part of HoD.

I wish the Asylum RP hadn't died.

Granted but the only one who posts there is HoD

i wish TheDoctor455 will stop the humping jokes now that i got a new avatar

Granted, but he'll make new jokes about your avatar. Forcing you to change your avatar again and as a result, enter a never ending cycle.

I wish I could cast meteor without dying.

Granted, but then the game crashes.

I wish I had a bag full of fresh beef jerky.

Granted, but the bag also contains over 9000 laxitive tablets.

I wish I had an actual wolf tail.

Granted, but the wolf you're holding onto doesn't find it too amusing...

I wish I had a bottle of Jones Vanilla Cola.

Granted, but it's empty.

I wish I had a clue.

Granted, But the clue leads to the grave of Jack The Hat, And now you have the entire mafia after you.

I wish Limited edition copy of FF7 for PC, Including mint condition Disk, box and Manual.

Granted but your pc explodes from greatness

i wish i could fight a dragon

Granted, but you lose. Hey, you didn't say anything about winning the fight.

I wish knew where Gypsy's new avatar was from.

Granted, but you quickly forget.

I wish for an interview with Nathan Fillion.

Granted, but he stalks you after the interview.

I wish Disney hadn't made the Prince of Persia movie, and that the property had been given to a better director and screenwriter.

Granted but all the roles are played by Matthew McConaughey

i wish i had a robot arm to replace the one i lost in the dragon fight

Granted but it's programed to strangle you in your sleep

I wish to be able to get free games on steam.

Granted but the steam burns you horribly

i wish the arm had an off button

Granted, But by off it means, Take off and as such your now somewhere on pluto.

I wish I had a scandalous picture of the escapist below me.

Granted, but you are scarred for life for looking at it.

I wish more people knew about some of the more underrated games, like Metal Arms and Valkyria Chronicles.

Granted, but now they also hate them.

I wish people would visit my Objection thread more often and that it wouldn't get locked.

Granted, but he stalks you after the interview.


Granted, but they're all trolls.

I wish for a jetpack!

Granted but it has no controls so you fly head first into a mountain

I wish my computer is faster.

Granted, but now you can never catch it. Better save up for a new computer!

I wish for a robot dog like Rex from Fallout: New Vegas.

Granted, but its brain dead now.

I wish I had biotic powers... and that I could control and use them effectively.

Granted, but you have the L2 implants and you end up suffering major physical pain.

I wish I was better at math.

Granted but your horrible at everything else.

I wish for a wish that cant be ruined.

Granted, you don't get a wish.

I wish people will stop complaining about some party members not wearing helmets in space in Mass Effect 2.

Granted. Now people just beat you mercilessly on sight.

I they could fix the smell of public washrooms so they smelled better. You know, so its not a whiff of a chemically nauseous cherry/cinnamon/citrus that still cannot mask the other..scents.

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