You have been transformed into your avatar.

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riding on a microscopic magical monster for soviet russia.

nyan nyan nyan nyan, comrade!

...guess I'm off to fight giant monsters...C-ya!

Constantly forgets that I´m married and drink a little too much only to end up places which would be good setts for nightmares.

Fukou Datta!

oh well i have bad luck to begin with not much will change apart from having A kickass Power in my right hand, and i suppose the frequency of which i walk on on girls getting changed or having a shower, Not necisarily bad luck that, apart from the retaliation from the afformentioned girl.

Blah. Old thread.

Current avatar: Feferi Peixes. Ah ain't even mad.

Well...I'm turned into a faceless man in an obnoxious yellow shirt...and very shortly die, I guess, unless somehow this process ensures survival.

I'm on a donkey...


Sleep all day, party all night.

Also women, women, women.

Oh nooo! I am a chicken!

I'm a pig in wellies! I'm gonna run off and eat truffles and stuff! :P


ill go eat some mountain grass and turn into a nice carpet.

I AM the Final Fantasy!

Great! Now I can save eevee. Over. And over. And over... Forevvveeerrr...

I'm a middle aged (wo)man dressed in a brides gown perpetually running through a field in slow motion. Finally, my long sought after dream has effectively been made reality!

the smile is for the ladies..



No complaining.
I would look into the mirror for a long, long time :]

I am now a specter with very high ethics and morals possessing a suit of armor, as well of being the baron of a floating country. Sounds good to me!


Technically this is the Tomoya from Avatar Adventures RP. Ahaha I am the Lightning Archangel Tomoya Okazaki, time to defeat some villains!

Captcha: "slow down!". Umm no, I don't apply to those rules anymore.

You're all doomed...

*devours the next poster with her tentacles*

oh shit. I died

I love being my avatar, I am even more awesome (which is a feat)

*comes back to life* I love mine more...

I'm a happy!

Time to play dressup with myself!

time to get dressed

*poses in front of mirror*

Ye! Oh yes!
*starts playing music and standing at 45 degrees*

Ooh sweet, I get to be Vivi! :D

Oh wait...

FFIX related spoilers

Still though, freaking awesome.

Oh look, I have magical powers and a mecha suit.

Life is good...

Unlike Vivi (He is epic) my lifespan is fine!

I'm adorable, so I'm happy.

I still love being a cat that can sprout wings on his back!

Well if Meet the Pyro is any indication, things are going to be a lot more happy, shiny, and "warm" for me.

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