Who is the above Escapist... In real life?

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A mutant! GET HIM!

A bus driver from Greenland.

Malcolm X!

O: O: O:

Angela Merkel


Some British dude living in China.

A traveling wizard.

A mutant Cocker Spaniel

A Zerg hybrid.

He is actually me. This is just antoher of his accounts.

He's a cunning bard.

A dashing rogue who always gets the girl in the end.

A vomiting seal.

My dinner for tommorow.

Yesterday's breakfast.

The turd I just pooped out.

A monkey with an explosive dong.

I think I may have lost my train of thought.

Raul Julia

A charming sock puppet.

A Parmesan fan.

A lannister.

A tyrant who runs an inhumane theme park with only one toilet that is located on a tiny, isolated island and charges $100 per use.

Ned Stark.

The Flash, most likely.

Jörg Haider

Ciaphas Cain.


A delicious T-bone steak.

A teeny weeny t-rex.

A hungry hungry hippo.

A friendly bee.

A wasp

A Dragoon.

Jeremy Clarkson

Michael Mann.

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