Who is the above Escapist... In real life?

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Someone attempting to replace The Clown as the resident creepy clown avatar guy.

EDIT: His avatar is gone! D:

My Pikachu Partner in Mystery Dungeon!

The cat who comes back, always the very next day.

Garfield the Cat!

The strangler from Spongebob!

The stranger from Stranger Danger.

Is a stranger who is dangerous!

The man with bronze fists!

Edmond Barton the first Prime Minster of Australia.

Dr Jones! WAKE UP NAO!!

Heathcliff's old poker buddy

Does anyone still remember Heathcliff?

Will Smith, defiantly Will Smith... Also a really cool guy and the best evil dictator anyone could ask for!

Chris Hanson?

The real author of the Hobbit.

The local drunk.

A recovering Fallout-aholic.

An unrepentant Fallout-aholic

A warmonger.

The man who killed Batman's parent's......goldfish.

Ebeneezer Scrooge's even more stingy cousin

The guy Mr. Burns is based off of.

The inventor of the taco.

Patches!? What are you doing outside of Little Tokyo?
Patches was the homeless mute who was in Little Tokyo.

Indiana Jones after a second nuclear explosion went off

Director of the original cast of Cats.

A Giraffee.

The man with the longest neck ever.

John at the bar. He's a friend of mine.
He gets me my drinks for free and he's quick with a joke and a light of your smoke but there's some place he'd rather be.

Something clever
Something Witty
Full of joy
And oh so pretty

Is what this'd be
If my posts weren't shitty

You know whenever someone tells a really bad joke and you say "Who writes your material?" Well this is the guy who does.

A non-alcoholic!

The biggest drunk you ever saw.

Don Quixote

The devil himself.

Part of the world's biggest Katamari.

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