You know you've been on the Escapist too long when...

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You hit level 40!

You crave a cigar and don't smoke.

The walls are actually painted with jam, which you never noticed before.

Einstein's watch has showed up on ebay.

Oh gods, Tiny Tim is back.

You've never been this drunk.

They made a whole new forum just for you.

You can impersonate impersonators.

You're hallucinating silt striders in the page margins.

You have too many savings.

Times are way hard, man.

Everything has guns on it.

The Morag Tong have arisen again.

You've lost some weight.

You feel as if you've walked nearly a thousand miles in the last week.

The stasis packs have gone off.

Your account is older than the amount of post-elementary schooling you got

Deja vu is at an all time high.

When spam-posting in FG feels like old times.

It's been a while since I've forum gamed with Neuromancer.

Half your friends list is active but you never see them anywhere

Geography is your best subject.

However, astrology is your favorite subject

It's time to get trigger happy.

You thank God signatures weren't a thing


Tryin to make a change :-/

One wonders if poetry is their thing.

You miss March Mayhem, the tight Valve/Bioware votes, and the astonishing Mojang run.


Tryin to make a change :-/

There are 6 missed calls.

You have 9 new voicemails and half of them are pure silence.

Sharks are outside.

Your computer is suddenly infected with screen-eating cockroaches that cause a BSoD

It's time to live and time to die.

The numbness in your leg subsides in order to usher in a wave of warmth

It's next Monday.

Opening your eyes, you're greeted with the sight of all your family members staging an intervention.

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