You know you've been on the Escapist too long when...

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Alex Jones is one the loose again.

Dam Son
is now playing
Your Mom Simulator 2017

Lords of Cinder are in the Houses of Parliament.

you've been away for months and then pick right back up.

It's been a hundred years since World War 1.

Radio Graffiti's as morbid as it was five years ago.

You begin to discuss the concept of nihilism on the Wild West

The Wild West has become The Unexciting East.

I'm the best we've got, apparently.

The knowledge of the school of alteration is fading.

The continent of Skyrim has nothing new to explore.

Your fingers have fallen off.

It's time to join a union.

We're backsliding into fascism.

Things happened and other things happened.

He's talking about the Sonic spam invasion.

It's about time you got paid for this crap.

Someone's been cheatin'...

Ireland is unified.

Wales has rocketed off to become a new nation on the moon.

Your feet haven't been dry in a month.

you form a forums union.

Your groin needs a trim.

You might consider taking a shower. I mean, good god.

The R&D department relocated twice.

There's a squid in the garden.

Someone drove a hovercraft through the concerto.

I upset the crapple cart.

It's big willy time.

The Cornetto trilogy is at an end.

Nigel Farage leads the Helghast party.

There have been three coups by the military this month alone.

God-Emperor Rimmer is visiting.

Ace died again yesterday.

Diaper sales skyrocketed.

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