You know you've been on the Escapist too long when...

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When you see that the new facelift isn't that good.

When you weren't bothered in the slightest when the site when down (however temporarily)...

When you'll severely miss your red sky theme that you've gotten used to...

When you've ghosted the site for over a month before thinking that you should see how it's doing.

When you're in the same old threads with the same old friends. :)

When you hit 1000 pages in a thread about inanity!

when you get error 1000 pages trying to get to the page you usually load, so you gotta take the long way

When you have lost count of how many CMs there have been during your stay.

when you read crit miss backlog! :'(

When you miss people long gone.

When you can't decide if it's worth it or not to bookmark the new version of the site... hrm...

It's worth it to bookmark the new version. It looks pretty. The blue and yellow reminds me of Long John Silver's restaurants.

When you come to the realization that a few updates have happened and you are caught by surprise.

When two of the forum games you used to love were locked two years ago... (Truth or False? and Versus game)

When you can't remember when you posted in a place other than forum games.

When you loathe the auto-lock system.

When you don't know what the auto-lock system is.

As a matter of fact, should I be keeping up-to-date with site changes?

When you've had more than three pets during your stay here.

When you try yet again to strike the match but will probably run dry.

When you go through a whole enlistment and EAS.

When you see breathing.

I don't like change. Why's there a v2? It looks so a e s t h e t i c

When you see Para return once more but don't expect to see him again because your own visits to the site are ridiculously infrequent.

When you see russ pits take a leave of absence or something. And the escapist is still making the same mistakes.

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