You know you've been on the Escapist too long when...

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When you've seen way too many editorial apologies.

when you see racism, bigotry, sexism, and white nationalism

When you're just tired of the routine of checking on the place.

when you use this place to waste time

When you have Vietnam flashbacks about the basement

When you get more sense out of FG posts than in OT...

Anyone know how to start a betting pool for when I hit 1000 posts?

I'd like to start a betting pool for when I hit 1000 posts.

Not sure what the prize will be, yet. Might be a gift card code or something. Will take time to figure out.

when you see its moving to a new direction once again

When you see the above bugger still about to comment about new directions...! -.-

when you see the above bugger from time to time

when you see people slowly getting banned one by one

When you remember familiar faces without even seeing their usernames, because they've kept the same Avatar all this time.

when you see politics everywhere

When you see that the backend of this site is just as slow as you remember it.

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