You know you've been on the Escapist too long when...

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When the mods know you well, whether you've experienced wrath or not.

When a thread is considered old when the last post was a day ago.

When you try to "get acquainted" with females in the forum games.
Or maybe that's just me. So lonely...

When you watch people fail to "get acquainted" with mild interest.

I'm here for friendship, not for romance.

When you treat the forum like it is your only social life.

When you mentally address yourself as your username.

When you call yourself by your username by accident IRL.

When a thread you started shortly after joining dies so thoroughly and completely (after becoming insanely popular for MONTHS) that it can't be found on the forum listings or the search bar.

When you begin to have serious opinions about particular users.

When you want to axe murder other users then switch to wanting to make friends with them.

When you start projecting...

When your eyes glaze over, you start typing posts on several topics at once, yet they're all relivent and several paragraphs long.

When you start saying "Banned for _____" to total strangers in Left 4 Dead.

When you average 500-1000 posts a day.

When you end up skyping multiple people you only barely know on the site simultaneously.

When you pull yet another allnighter on the site.

When you remember what threads you have in your past posting history to plug in the future! XD

When your laptop starts to melt.

yes, this has happened to me. The fan is really bad
I am using said laptop right now

When you have wild sex on the forums with no consequences.

When you've heard aforementioned boinking three threads away.

When you read the boinking and your eyes melted. Though of course that's never happened to me.

When your me, coming up on the 12 hour mark for the 4th night in a row.
I got work in 3 hours.

When you think of other users as fuckbuddies.

*looks above* 0___0

When you have 9 tabs on different threads just waiting to post next!

When you have a more.... useful way of posting.

When you've been using the tab method for awhile.

When you lurk around one spot and watch.

When you know about the communities drama queens.

When you force people to read poetry!

the cold darkness,
in the heart of the forest.
Where birds are singing,
for the new born sun

When you are still posting after nearly six years.

blue heartless:
When you are still posting after nearly six years.


When you don't feel as much of a veteran member anymore.

When the internet 2 is released.

Hey man, don't sweat it. Nobody knows I'm here anyway.

You know you've been on the Escapist too long when you apologize for being on the Escapist too long.

You know you've been on the Escapist too long when you've learned humility.

When your pride is stronger than before.

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