You know you've been on the Escapist too long when...

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When you think having under 10,000 posts is a tragedy.

When you are not sure if The Escapist is the same or worse than TvTropes for opening tabs to read/post in.

I once had 3 windows opened, each full of tabs for The Escapist and TvTropes. I counted them as I closed them after reading. THEY WERE BOTH EVEN!

When that shit happens.

Finding yourself logging on first thing in the morning. Sigh.

When you say OOC before you break character while rehearsing a school play.

When you start playing "the ban game" in real life.

When you arrange enormous parties with members who live nearby.

When you forget that the sky is ... green?

When you have 12 Escapist tabs opened regularly.

When the murders begin...

When you log onto the Escapist more than you do your World of Warcraft...

When you decide to paint your room white with blue striped for some reason you can't remember...

When your first thread since Cheese knows when starts with a big wall of text.

when you mourn for users that have been suspended

when you mourn for users that have been suspended

When you mourn the users who have been banned entirely.

Oh and premature congratulations on 10k!

When you stay after class on school computers so you can go Gonzo.

*Is totally not what I'm doing...*

When you've got pages of documents stacking up in that tiny little cube.

When you procrastinate to keep posting in these forums.

When you start missing the people here.

When one hour turns into 8.

When you've become a brony...

When you have been around many cases of internet drama, being in the middle of two friends.

Avarage post count daily is in the 1000s

When you get start to get withdrawl when away too long

When you know many users and remember when they joined.

When you fall asleep on your keyboard.

When you've pulled consecutive allnighters because of the site.

When your logged on the Escapist on a computer and two mobile devices at the same time.

When you have fantastical friends.

When time has come to an ended.

When your afraid to go down into any basement.

When you have your own personal posting technique.

When you have pushed the red button.

When you become nostalgic for the old days for some reason.

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