You know you've been on the Escapist too long when...

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When you get a brain boner just thinking about it. ^^

When you hear the term "brain boner" and shrug it off.

When your username fills the majority of the first page of your favorite forum.

When someone necro's a forum game you had completely forgotten about.

When your e and s keys are worn out because of typing in the address.

When your browser has 8 tabs of the Escapist open at all times.

When you get pissed once you can't figure out how to make a gif your avatar, and then you join a group of very nice people who will kindly help you out, and then you won't be proud of your new avatar.

When you have too many threads out.

When you become the "Old Guy" whos been there so long no one remembers when you joined in most of your RP's.

When you try to revive Forum Game threads because you're bored.

When you can't recall all of the Forum games you've made.

You missed one! Actually... You missed two!

When you hope to see red letters that say "You have 1 new message".

When you become "that guy"!

When you know you can say "I'm a furry" and people won't hate you for it.

When you know you can say "I'm a furry" and people won't hate you for it.

let me try that in all seriousness because i am a furry.
OT: when you have Yahtzee as a second voice in your head.

When you badges start talking.

When you can't wait to go to group chat.

When you start adding the word "hug" onto random sentences.

When you begin seeing the world in shades of blue and yellow.

When you dream of nights spent posting. ^^

When every avatar looks the same.

When you can't wait to get a new avatar.

When you realize you haven't moved your badges in a long time.

When you revive the dead!

pyramid head grape:
When you revive the dead!

When you notice someone else doing it!

When you get caught reviving the dead. o.0

When you spend hours deciding on a song to surf the site and once you actually pick a song, you only spend about 15 minutes on the site.

When you catch people posting in your barely alive threads.

When you suspect people for being traps. o3O

When this conversation is relevant to a skype call.

When you start chatting with Escapists out of Escapist. :D

When you make really, really good friends.

When your revival works! >:3

pyramid head grape:
When your revival works! >:3

When you have futile drinking battles with Irishmen from the Escapist.

When you mathematically win said battle. XD

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