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Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Escapist Colosseum! Every week I will pick several user's avatars to battle it out in an RPG style battle. Here are the rules. This is a pretty complicated game, so make sure to read the rules to know what you're getting into.

1. Through the week, you can register avatars for the battle.
2. I will announce the winners, and the stats I will generate for them on Friday. I will say 3 match ups incase the first one fails to register for the battle.
3. If the character is not instantly recognizable, you should list their names under the post.
4. The battle will take place sometime during the weekend.

5. Each Character has 6 stats: strength (physical attacks) dexterity (finesse based attacks, dodging, turn order. If there is a large difference in dexterity, one of the fighters might get multiple attacks in a row) Energy (Magic, special attacks) Defense (absorbing physical attacks) Focus (chance of gaining a critical hit) and will (absorbing magic attacks.)
6. Each character has 4 resources: health (duh) mp (amount of magic energy) sp (amount of special attack energy) and ammo (amount of ammo for their weapons)
7. Effectivity of attacks will be decided by the element of the attack (ex. fire, water, magic, slashing), the stats, and a random number generator I will use in battle.

8. The battle will go like this: first the top matchup has to register to show they are actually there before the fight begins. If both players don't register within five minutes of the battle time, I will allow the next matchup a chance to register for the fight. It is very strongly recommended that all matched up players arrive to watch the fight, even if they are not the #1 matchup.
9. Once I announce that the matches are locked in, I tell which player starts the fight.
10. They have 2 minutes to state their move or the attack is lost.
11. I will show the effects of the attack.
12. Character with lower speed stat makes move.
13. I show effect of that move.
14. If someone moves out of turn, or makes a move and is not locked in to fight, than it is disregarded.
15. This continues either until 1. one player loses all health and dies 2. One player is hit with a condition that causes them to be unable to fight (ex. eternal sleep) or 3. The fight goes on for over 15 minutes. If the fight goes longer than that, the player with the most health wins.
16. If you want to get some colosseum action outside of battle times, I will sometimes be logged on during the week. I will post a message when I am. Then, you can battle the one of the 7 training dummies.

Easy: wimpy guy Medium: Wizard guy, warrior guy, burly guy. Hard: overlord guy, Mega guy, demon guy

Post below if you have any questions, or if you want to register. The first match up announcement will be on Friday at 4:00 pm eastern time, and the battle will be on sunday at 12:00 noon eastern time. Let the battle begin!

I will give my pokemon stats first:
hp: 272
atk: 226
def: 296
sp.atk: 165
sp.def: 282
spd: 136
average for all these stats(average for all pokemon) is 200 except hp were the average would be 250.
his move set is fire/ice/thunder/shadow punch which in game are all physical attacks and he teleports in order to use these punches (can be seen in a pokemon episode) his ammo would be pp which is 15 for the elemental punches and 20 for shadow punch
also could you give what would be average and what would be powerful of your stat list so I can edit this to include that stat list for dusknoir.

The average stat, (ex. That of warrior guy) is 100, low ( wimpy guy) would be 25, While a powerful stat (overlord guy) would be 200 or even higher.

Right now I'm online if anyone wants to battle a training dummy.

signing off for today

Big Daddy (bouncer)

The results are in. The three match ups for this week are:
1. Big Daddy vs. Dusknoir
2. Blade man vs. Dusknoir
3. Blade man vs. Big Daddy

These are the stats:


Moves: Fire punch Power: 150 Accuracy: 100 Element: fire Damage: Bludgeoning strength based
Ice punch Power: 90 Accuracy: 100 Element: ice Damage: Bludgeoning strength based
Thunder Punch: Power: 90 Accuracy: 100 Element: Electricity Damage: Bludgeoning strength based
Shadow Punch: Power: 50 Accuracy: 100 (auto hit) Element: Darkness Damage: Bludgeoning strength based

Energy Levels:
HP: 115
MP: 0
SP: 0
Ammo: Fire punch: 15 Ice Punch: 15 Thunder Punch: 15 Shadow Punch: 15

strength: 110
Dexterity: 55
Energy: 75
Will: 135

weak against: shadow attacks
strong against: mental attacks, metal attacks

Big Daddy
Rivet gun: power: 40 Accuracy: 90 (triple shot) Element: metal Damage: Piercing dexterity based
Drill: Power: 200 Accuracy: 150 (can only be used after you use rush, but before an opponent uses a movement attack) Damage: Bludgeoning, Tearing, piercing element: metal strength based
Stomp: Power: 0 Accuracy: 80 Causes opponent's Dexterity, Defense, Focus, and
will to drop by half for one round. Element: ground Damage: indirect Costs 30 sp
Rush: Power: 0 Accuracy: 50 Allows Big Daddy to use Drill. Element: - Damage: Movement Costs 20 sp

Energy levels:
Hp: 160
Mp: 0
SP: 100
Ammo: rivet gun: 20 (3 per turn)

Strength: 140
Dexterity: 45
Energy: 110
Defense: 175
Focus: 135
Will: 80

Weak against: damage: armor piercing Strong against: slashing

so who goes first?

Dusknoir will go first, but the fight doeson't start until 12:00 on sunday.

I realized you don't know the math that will go into our fight. Here it is:

damage: attack power equals: strength / dexterity/ energy + attack power
Attack damage : ( ((attack power) )
(((----------) x (1+( damage resistance +element resistance)) x crit/miss) +/_ %20 x 20
((( defense/will) )

damage/ element resistance: strong: 0.2 weak: -0.2
attack status: crit= 2 regular=1 miss=0

accuracy: character focus+attack focus

Hit /crit chance ( accuracy) x ( x)
( ------ ) = ----- actual chance: ( --)+/_ %20
(dexterity) 100 (2)

hit= usually 50 +
crit= usually 90 +

As you can see, it will take a lot of time for me to run the math, so you should wait a couple of minutes for the result of the attack.

Time for all fighters to register!

Hey. ptwin77 is registering!

In case Nuba doesn't register soon, here are my stats
blade man

sword throw: power: 110 accuracy: 120 element: metal damage: slashing cost 10 sp dexterity based
wall jump: power: 0 accuracy: infinate element: - Damage: movement allows blade man to do sword throw
slash: power: 110 accuracy 150 element: metal Damage: slashing, close range strength based
rush: power: - accuracy: 60 element - damage: movement allows blade man to do slash, close range

energy levels
hp: 70
mp: 0
sp: 80

strength 75
dexterity: 200
energy: 50
defense: 40
focus: 160
will: 90

strong against: -
weak against: - explosions

so shall we start?

I am ready!

Man, I wish I could register... What can an album do? Would you be willing to put in stats for that? Because it would be much appreciated.

hp: 254
atk: 235
def: 365
sp.atk: 218
sp.def: 378
spd: 128
I don't really know what element Subject Delta could really be... He has lots of plasmids and powers. He has a lot of defense because of his Big Daddy Delta suit.
maybe he can be....Water?? or Electricity. I think that all big daddies have a lot of armor because their suits.

I'm Subject Delta, or AKA: Jhonny Topside.

Icarion (aka Stockholm):
Man, I wish I could register... What can an album do? Would you be willing to put in stats for that? Because it would be much appreciated.

Dark Side of the Moon vs the Wall. IT'S ON!


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