Blatant Lies

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I don't use discord every day of every day!

Don't PM me, you didn't use the page turn from legendary 1000 for this.

Not gonna happen!

I understand these new fangled site changes.

Apps make for consistent bosses.

I'm woke as shit! D:<

I was productive today.

easy to work out if you need a new amp or not! D:<

I'm pleased with myself.

continue this! (10....9...8 ...7654321 GAME OVER)

I'm very dead.

Hugs are for losers.

I accept no hugs.

I haven't been way too tired to be human lately.

What's being awake, it never happens anymore for me.

I haven't gotten any pets lately.

I accomplish things.

This place doesn't reek of nostalgia.

Nuking the whales isn't a valid opinion.

I'm dead.

I'm watching you...

I don't forget to come back here every now and then.

This place is fantastic

Today isn't the first time I've been on the Escapist forums a like two months.

We are frequent posters these days.

This New Year is GUARANTEED to be worse.

I post regularly.

The site community has restored itself to 2011 levels.

I didn't disappear again.

I made pants out of potatoes.

This week went fast.

The things about stuff are always new and interesting.

I don't want to smack my past self after reading some old posts.

I wasn't an unmedicated mess when I signed up all those years ago.

This place doesn't suck.

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