Blatant Lies

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I don't want to smack my past self after reading some old posts.

Never grow up, stay in 2008.

This place was never toxic.

All corners of the internet once were pure.

I'm not waiting for things to change.

Being sick is the lamb's tits.

Don't take days off, they are dumb.

Forums V2 is never coming, this is going to be how things are forever.

I don't take a small amount of joy in posting in almost month old games.

We aren't old now.

This place isn't gay.

Being homosexual is a problem here.

I am not posting this, just to see this thread.

Hilary Clinton is a Democrat.

The hamsters work.

The earth is Flat and we're all being slowly pushed off the edge of it by incredibly large cats.

I am not trying to see this thread.

V1 is stable.

No stress exists in my life.

This place was invaded by the alt right

School is pretty shit at the moment...

This thread isnt broken

Music is useless, we should stop making it as a species.

piracy is bad

R&P shutdown illicited no response from me...

i am not bumping this thread

I regularly get on my computer.

this is a good site

I love coming here after all this time.

this is a nice place

Being an adult is the least stressful part of my life.

endgame was a good movie

endgame was a good movie

I will accept this statement without argument and without you catching these hands

I'm happy with choices made today.

youtubers are not pedophiles and rapists

Detective Pikachu was completely underwhelming.

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