Blatant Lies

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I did not lol at the above post.


@Grape: Good effort.

OT: A wish is a murder.

I didn't just wake up there now.

Melvin just wants an innocent little hug. Is that too much to ask for?

I don't enjoy the ban game, I think its stupid.

I have hated being on vacation this week, I'd rather get paid to work.

MW3 will only sell two copies...and one will be returned for store credit.

If I could play one game, for the rest of my life, it would be Paperboy for its awesomeness.

If I could play one game, for the rest of my life, it would be Paperboy for its awesomeness.

Its the best game ever! I also hate anime.

I have never watched D. Gray Man, much less no how to spell it.

I think its spelt Anime is a waste of pixels.

I've watched all of Dr. Who.

All of these are not my favourite anime;
Baccano, D.Gray-man, one piece, hitman reborn, Darker than black and Higurashi.

I have never seen someone with a Baccano avatar, *looks up* and probably never will.

I have never had a D.Gray Man avatar.

Dragon Ball Z wasn't a huge part of my childhood.

I am so popular on the escapist.

Grape isn't the greatest new user I've been introduced to in a long time.

Im such an active member here and didnt make an account after finding zero punctuation...

People didn't do the above much.

Forum Games is not my primary place to post.

Forum Games isn't the most awesome place on the escapist.

No situations can be fixed with starfish.

This statement is the truth.

The above post is a lie.

My avatar is not cute.

The avatar above is yawning. (^^)

In Soviet Russia, that didn't say she.

I do not currently have an internet service provider, and had to sell my computer to buy some Ramen noodles.

Mmm, noodles . . .

I have not totaled 2 of my cars for the same reason

I love being post ninja'd

I was on my way through Canadia on my polar bear when suddenly I realised that I had spilt my Tim Hortons on the way to work. I quickly rode back to my igloo, where I fed my pet moose. I nodded to some mounties, then aboot slipped on some ice as I bought more coffee.

I have no idea who the above avatar is.

I have an excellent visage of an idea of what the above user's avatar is.

as do i

Lack of punctuation and capitalization on your part was not noticed.

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