Blatant Lies

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I'm leaving you all for the gamefaq forums. You stink and the Mods are shit.

I am not looking forward to gaming the day away, ugh so lame.

I'm sad because my Steam account works now.

Dear god today's Google doodle is the worst I've ever seen.

It's not cold and rainy outside by me at all today.

I have a monkey on my back!

Dammit, I don't still have 100 pages of LFG to get through. I want to be done with this crap right now.

I'm not going to watch any television tonight..

I won my games of DOTA today.

I didn't finish a load of work today...

I will do my homework straight after posting this.

I quit playing DOTA today.

I am not amused.

I really should not go to bed...

I won't watch one more Spoony video...

I am not considering getting into War Thunder. Also good morning.

Bad morning, bad morning.

It's shit to stay up late.

Bad morning, bad morning to you.

I am not lazing about at school...

I am not pissed off because a blizzard is forcing me to stay on campus at the moment....

I am not going to sleep soon...

*Not snoring*

I went to a class sober yesterday.

It's going to be a safe ride home in this weather. There's no chance I could die in an accident. None whatsoever. No need to wish me luck...


The browser on my laptop didn't just crash for no reason. >B(

I did not play corruption of champions a week ago.

That game is not confusing...

I also did not get 13 hrs sleep.

There is a better sandwich than a toasted sandwich!

I didn't have chicken today.

I didn't have a bawss cheese omelet today.

I'm not getting a haircut today.

I've been posting in Forum Games a lot lately.

I'm not procrastinating anymore.

I am active in the Forum Games.

This will not change once summer rolls around.

I am going into the basement with a ragged band of adventurers!

@Red: I predict sunshine and rainbows.

I'm tempted not to join though; in doing so also ruining your bunker.

The hamsters love my thread.

I don't have a 700 word story due Monday.

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