Blatant Lies

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I don't love Dodogama memes.

I also wasn't horribly disappointed when I saw this was only page 994 rather than the promised 997.

People love the wild west

Forum Games is awful.

I don't like poking the mountain of dead hamsters.

I didn't expect this to move by now.

There aren't rumors abound about The Escapist being sold.

The Escapist isn't working again. There are no bugs to be seen at the moment.

I love getting my children to clean their rooms.

We're going to make it to 1000! :D

This thread isn't nearly seven years old.

It aged like fine wine.

I don't think it would probably be a good time to grab any pictures and GIFs I can off of the old threads.

That would be a poor decision.

My ability to post is a certainty.

The future of this site is a certainty.

Always wear shorts.

Shorts are dumb.

Winter is best.

I wish spring weather never happened and it would just go right to summer.

This thread is easily accessed now.

That is untrue of the entire site. Also, looking through the old image thread wasn't kind of sad due to all the totally not broken images.

Things aren't happening to the website. What they are?! I know exactly what they are!

Today isn't my last day at work before the new schedule changes.

Kross shouldn't be blamed for anything getting better.

We are extemely determined to get this thread to 1000 pages as quickly as possible.

This site isn't broken

I didn't just re upload my avatar.

I'm very happy with upper management at work.

The website isn't working right now.

I didn't think the old girl was gone for good there.

I hope they never get done with whatever the hell it is they plan on doing with the site.

I didn't think the old girl was gone for good there.

Kross isn't to blame.

I didn't forget I had this thread pulled up for a few hours.

I didn't make this thread on another website.

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