Blatant Lies

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I never nap. If I'm sitting at my pc there's nothing that can make me nod away

I'm feeling great physically.

Three years ago I hired a horn section to score my every waking moment.

The only thing that helps me sleep at night is knowing that people will die eventually

I'm unsober.

I don't wish that I could get away with assault.

Words mean nothing.

It's not a little thrilling to see the page count right there at 1k.

Razors can't even cut through skin. Especially my skin. Don't be careful around knives kids

I am the very major model of a modern major Dubstep DJ

I am the ultimate waffle.

We haven't been at this for way too long.

My back never hurts!

240V to a 24V led goes better than you'd think!

I don't dream about a new car.

I'm a certified electrician.

The Escapist is dead. Run.

I give it a month.

I didn't come back from a weekend trip to Atlanta. And if I did such a thing, it certainly wouldn't be for the ELEAGUE csgo tournament, and I would never even *dream* of driving 13 hours to get there and again back.

We won't hit 1000.

I'm glad you think that. 1000 is impossible.

Inching ever further away.

I am making a lot of money today.

1000 is literally just around the corner... -.-

Avatars display easily on this site these days.

Really? I'm having issues. The whole site's no longer loading

I quack...

No one battles with themselves over going to sleep. It's a non-issue and people, especially myself, are well-rested

I abuse my banhammer hourly.

Time moves slowly, as evidenced by the fact we're not approaching 2019 rapidly

Looking at the replay I believe the play was offside.

England definitively suck balls at cricket...

Overdraft fees keep me going

I hate cricket with a ever burning passion that often threatens to envelop me.

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