The above user should never...

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try to out smart a rock...

those guys are damn-cunning...

Jump Around!

Get down!

Around town!

Panic on the streets of London!

Panic in the streets of Dublin.

Do a barrel roll.

Say something I already said on page 3.

Major Mustard.

Not check if he's in the wrong thread? I think?

Try to correct him... it's not pretty

Insult the guy above him...TOO LATE!

Play the clarinet badly, waving a flashlight around, eating cubed cheese, wearing a hooped skirt, clown shoes and a sombrero in a goofy fashion while screeching like a chimpanzee in sea bear territory

Not check if he's in the wrong thread? I think?

Try to understand me.

OT: Be above me again.

Do the Safety Dance.

challenge mom's friendly delivery company

Smoke. After a gasoline bath. In a sea of lighter fluid. on a floating gas station. on top of an oil refinery. On the sun

Eat ink.

Talk in a Brooklyn accent...<.<

Watch English anime. :P

I watch most of my anime dubbed...

OT: make an egg omelet...<.<

Never tried it / JC voice

OT: Read this post, seriously don't do it!

Try to play guitar with your tongue when it's strings are grimmy
(Nice harmonics though. Even if all I can taste is pain now)

Start sparking.

edit his post!

Not play DE:HR.

so that's where we're going, then?

OT: start watching MLP while studying for a test...

Not hurry!

Eat dinner at 1 AM.

eat breakfast on the moon



Kiss my cat

eat a radioactive steak

^It only adds +2 to rad in exchange for health +5

Say "Hey watch this" during any state of inebriation

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