The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Simple game! What does the poster above you secretly wish for? :o

Feel free to give replies to the person above you as well if they have guessed your wishes correctly! :o

I'll start! The person above me secretly wishes... to exist!

The person above wishes to be invisible. O.O

(I kinda do, sometimes. :o)

He secretly wishes to be JC Denton. :o

(to be as dopey as him would be funny) xD

She secretly wishes to steal my hat. O.O

(YES! Though I probably wouldn't wear it :o)

He secretly wants to raid my refrigerator and eat my oreo cake thingie. :o

(Oreo cake, Mother of god O.O) xD

She secretly wants to enslave the world.

(Only on Sundays)

He secretly wishes for... a romantic bubble bath! :P

She secretly wishes to be able to fly.

(*blushes* well... if you really want to, steeple will be jealous!) xDDD
I kid, I kid

She secretly wishes for everyone to be QUIET!

The person Above me secretly wishes for a Tardis(but can never have one).

He secretly wishes to be a master ninja!

She secretly wishes that I would stop blowing smoke in her face*sniggers*.

(I do! I'm allergic to smoke. ;_;)

He secretly wishes to live in the Victorian Era.

He secretly wishes to master a dance while hand standing. O.o

(Would prefer the future)
She secretly wishes she knew about the antidote.

He secretly wants to see Justin Bieber live! O.O

"He", actually, but I understand where your confusion stems from...
He secretly wishes he was a mole. o_O

Never. Hate that shit.
He secretly wishes to meet Emily Procter.

He secretly wishes to manage a fan club.

He secretly has a crush on me. O___O

He secretly wishes that he was not ninja'd just now

*Brain Melts* Nooooooo. Its not me, its you.

Secretly wishes to have my hat.(Mines more awesome)

She secretly wishes she didn't create this soon to be ninja fest. D:

He secretly wishes to be a ninja

I secretly wish to watch my little pony and so does the user above me. No more ninjas now.

(I've never seen MLP)

He secretly wishes to be a pony.

She secretly wishes to be a dinosaur! O.o

He secretly wished for me to come here.

Gypsy ninja pirate zombie king:
He secretly wished for me too come here.

He secretly wishes to stay! ^-^

He secretly wishes to add an extra name to his username.

He secretly wishes to own a pony farm.

She secretly wishes that people would stop posting in her tread so she could go to sleep.

She secretly wishes for a zombie invasion.

To put them skills to good use! >:P

He secretly wishes I would attack zombies for him.

(@pyra and Wolfen your both right!)

She secretly wishes to kill me.

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