The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Wishes to be a broken minecraft skin.

Wishes he was a LEGO man. And that we hadn't forgotten the combustible lemons to use in the t-shirt cannon.

You forgot them! *lobs combustible lemons into home*
OT: Wishes he had demon horns and a sword made of his fallen enemies (us).

*while trying to put out fire* I grabbed the wrong bag, okay? At least we still have normal lemons... which have been in the freezer for a month or two.

OT:For a secret garden where all the plants produce various candies.

Wishes that he was Candide.

a babydoll dress for his strawberry shortcake realdoll

Wishes that his bed was made of cheese.

For a better beard.

For more hair

Wishes he could use tis' and twas' like a proper gentlemen.

Wishes that he killed Shepard sooner.

Wishes that people would stop asking about his hair

Wishes that people would ask him about his hair. >:D

Wishes he could have those cookies he gasps at.

Wishes that people would stop stealing his cookies

Wishes that people would stop gasping when he steals the cookies.

Wishes that the cookies he was gasping at were delicious. They were not.

For a never ending cup of tea.

For all trout on Earth to acknowledge him as their ruler :P

Wishes he could press this button.


If I must suffer then so should you.

Wishes I were stupid enough to press that button twice

Wishes that I had something creative for them to wish for right now.

For a wooden spoon with his name on it.

That he hadn't won the wooden spoon in every race he ever participated in :P

That he was at Pcull44444's Streamapotomus!

Wishes that people wouldn't drool over his sword

For more souls.

And less corrupted ones; they are bad for the health.

Wishes he could have Zeel's postition of resident escapist troll but he just knows that I'll get that position.

Wishes he held the Banhammer!

For every troll to pay a troll toll.

For the world to forever speak in rhyme.

To have the time to be able to rhyme .

To have the time to chyme a rhyme at the speed of time.

To rock a rhyme to rock a rhyme that's right on time, that's tricky.

To say rock more times in a minute than a Sunday school says Jesus in a month.

To have a burger of cheeses.
Blessed by Jesus.
Eaten by Lucifer.
Shat by Christopher.
Dried by the air.
Taken for the Fun Fair.
Dazzled with heat.
Used for the growth of food for meat.

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