The person above me secretly wishes for....

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A lesson in poetry :P

To hop on pop.

To discover what rhymes with orange and silver.

Wishes something rhymed with purple :)

Go to a curple! >:c

a festival!

It requires some upheaval! >.>

the ability to make us all his slaves.


Wishes to be mParadox's slave :)

Wishes to be a slave to anyone he could find.

Wishes I hadn't already found someone, so he could claim me :P

Wishes to be the emperor of poop.

Wishes for poop to be made from gold.

Wishes that everything he touched turned to gold

Wishes they could find the next big thing and make a profit.

That he could be President of Mars.


Wishes to get back to the ground soon.

Welcome to the Escapist by the way.

For a pet komodo dragon.

For a pet dragon wearing a kimono. :O

To wear a kimono while riding a dragon.

To ride a stallion who's very charismatic at wearing kimono. >.>

To star in an old spice commercial while wearing a kimono.

To be the Old Spice commercial. o.O

To direct a movie written by myself

To direct a movie written by a cat.

To be a cat

To be Anubis.


To be revered as a god by more people.

To be revered as the Pimpkun King.

To become a giant pumpkin. An evil giant pumpkin.

To become a skeleton. Skeleton Jack to be precise. :O

To have a fancy hat

To have a clothing line.

To be able to walk across a tightrope

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