The person above me secretly wishes for....

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for ten more hours in this day.

For the day to never end

For US ICBM launch codes.

For all the ICBM codes and a new outfit fit for the ruler of the world.

For a nation to be renamed in his honour.

For Desert Bus to get a sequel.

To fund a sequel of Desert Bus.

Now using CryEngine 3. o3o

For a never ending Jazz solo to underscore his life.

For a piano solo that plays whenever he takes a step.

For a pet parrot that says what he is thinking, when it would be rude for him to say it. Blame the parrot :)

To breed these parrots and sell them to politicians and pirates and make millions!!

He secretly wishes that I will give him a percentage of the profits for helping to come up with the plan :P

To own the legacy of the parrot owned by Peter Jackson. o3o

To be that parrot

To be Peter Jackson.


To have a grand pirate adventure with me, Peter Jackson

That'd be so so awesome~

We shall do it then, it will be called "Peter jackson and the parrot in LOCKDOWN" we will of course have Michael Bay be the director.

It'll be nominated for 12 Oscars! =D

Not only nominated but we will win all 12 of them!

That he didn't win that Grammy.

For a small keg that would hold any liquid he wanted at any time and would never be empty.(except when you felt the need to clean the thing)

Has Tony's stashed away. >.>

Is Tony.

to know who tony is

To kill Tony in his sleep.

To a pot of gold under their chair.

stealing the pot of gold

To be in the pot of gold.
capcha: since when
Yeah, really! Since when?!

a steam punk magick troll with an impressive beard and sarah palin glasses.

You got glasses and beard right... sort of.

OT: To be the beard man.

Secretly wishes for longer hair.

Secretly wishes to have short hair forever.
God no! Its so long that I can no longer control it. Its become a horrible afro thing now.

Wishes he could pull off the afro look :P

Secretly wishes for more wishes.

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