The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Secretly wishes for more genies.

Secretly wishes for a clock slipper.

Secret wishes for more clocks. o-o

Secretly wishes for a cuckoo clock with a live bird in it.

Secretly wishes for the owl to deal with it.

Secretly wishes for a cuckoo clock.

Secretly wishes for cuckoo pops.

Secretly wishes to be cuckoo

Has the technology to pull off such a feat. o3o

for the derailment of ALL THE THREADS!! D:

Wishes for the ability to make even simplest of ideas make no sense whatsoever.

Wishes to make no sense all the time like me :D

Wishes to make no sense all the time like me :D

I very well could make no sense all the time, but then I would begin annoy myself after a while. It's much better to only do it occasionally.

OT: Wishes to only make sense to those who have been around him for a while.

I never annoy myself with not making sense, I guess it's just how I am XD

OT: Wishes that I would make more sense

Wishes that he'd make less sense.

Wishes he had more cheese.

Wishes he had more pineapples

Wishes he had more rainbow beer.

Wishes they could find some castle polish.

Wishes he could spin his screen more

For the ability to sleep while longboarding.

To be awake while sleeping.

To sleep with both eyes open. o3o

For an end to this constant rubbing.

For an end to the constant driving, and to finally reach that tree :P

the reporter in mass effect to call him a slut and buy milk from him.

Wishes for me to have actually played ME3, so I would get that :P

Wishes to play ME3.

To have not seen what can not be unseen.

To have seen what will be seen. o-o

To have said what will be said

To know what will never be known.

To create a maze of terror!

To run that maze and hold the record for longest time before soiling their pants and shortest time for completing the maze.(both of which will be the same)

To create a maze in his basement that no one can get out of

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