The person above me secretly wishes for....

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He secretly wishes I would kill him.

He secretly has no games, hate them in fact! D<

He secretly wishes he would stop getting ninja'd. :P

@Yureina: She secretly wishes it to keep happening! T^T

He secretly wishes to be ninja'd

@Yureina: She secretly wishes for more Oreo cake.

She secretly wishes for world peace.

He secretly wishes for a world peace conference where cake is on the menu

He secretly wishes I was a she. O.O

He secretly is in love with me ninjaing him.


She secretly wishes i didn't post this.

He secretly wishes he watched more anime on a daily basis.

I know she secretly wishes for more threads to post on

He secretly wishes to fly!

She secretly wants to be an Eva pilot...


He secretly wishes to kill an absurd amount of zombies tonight.

@Steeple: Oh, sweetie your home! o.O

OT: She secretly wishes... for 3 more wishes.

He secretly wishes for more green clothes.

@pyramid: yeah, but who's?

OT: I know he secretly wishes I was at his house... raiding his fridge...

He secretly wishes to be a wizard...

He secretly wishes to be Duke Nukem!

He secretly wishes he didn't mix up his threads. :P

He secretly wishes that he had more threads to post in.

That's not a secret at all! xD

@Grape: Oh shush..

They secretly wish to be an android!

secretly wishes he wasn't an android. He's tired of dreaming of electric sheep

Wishes Disgaea 4 was out already.

Wishes for doughnuts.

@171: We all know it! and zing ^-^

OT: Secretly wishes for 100 lottery tickets already scratched.

secretly wishes for a giant pet scorpion

Secretly wishes for a giant scrotum...<.<

person above me secretly wishes for a giant cupcake the size of a house

he secretly wishes for a bigger post count

Secretly wishing for a bigger...

Secretly wishes to be taller. Bwhahaha!

I win.

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