The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Giant pandas

Some dace and rice.

A large oval.

A pet humanzee.

an army of clones.

An additional hour in the jungle gym.

old cars

Vintage bikes.

Vintage bananas and pears.

A sliced mango.

edible underpants.

The power to think of something funny to say at a moments notice.

For fireworks to be outlawed 24/7; yes, even on Independence Day.

clean underwear.

For Lair to have been a good game.

the complete and utter destruction of the American way of life.

The complete and utter destruction of all human life.

buttered toast.

A toast butler.

A face for every moose. (Mission accomplished!)

a moose, a mouse, muffins, milk, and a cookie!

A visit from their favourite camgirl.

British Poledancers.

A sniper rifle that fires around corners.

The ability to not read my mind.

To build legos

To see my room and how I've already accomplished this, hence it isn't so much a secret wish.

Probably more Lego.

Recognition that he used my name properly.

The perfect paella.

A nice shrubbery.

Somebody to dance with.

lods of emone for to do up the 'ouse.

To discover and tame a mega-lizard in Australia.

Detailed, scale tank models.

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