The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Daedric armaments.

A brand new cliche.

Dirty mangas.

To see again.

Some incidental music.

A new Jerma video.

To build that giant Nazi gun and shoot our enemies with it.

All those naughty games on steam.

(What good is property if she isn't real?) For me to drop the Immortan Joe act, out of fear that certain people won't get the joke.

a cheese covered building.

Twenty less pounds of body fat.

More coins

To build a money-gun that uses coins as bullets.

Every LEGO ever.

Everyone to salute in his presence.

The violent, litigious end of Steam Greenlight.

a tiny restaurant

A cleavage hall of fame.

Why stop at cleavage, why not THE WORLD?

Musical swordfights.

A junk food night.

A rapid-fire potato launcher.

More vegetable memes.

All the avatars in the world.

Bones to snap, flesh to rend, blood to spray.

To wash someone's laundry with his tongue.

A job at a cat cafe.

To die hardest of all.

A more inhospitable domain.

Five out of five ducks.

A really great massage.

More things to talk about.

A sweet flip-phone.

To join a country club.

All the sheet music in the world.

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