The person above me secretly wishes for....

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The chance to lead my tank collection against the nearest ant colony.

A troop of firebats.

To know the secret color.

Beanie Babies.

To align with the universe.

An early lunch.


He's so lonely, and just wants to be noticed.

An endless supply of Lego bricks, the size of quarks to build their own Lego universe, then smash it into another Lego universe at full speed to see which survives the most. Then allows that universe the privilege of existence.

Roast boar and vegetables, with sharp mustard and cold Belgian beer.

To attend that bear's concert.

To raise all bears ever banished back from the dead.

To know what makes me tick.

The Heart Of Darkness.

Something truly American.

His other goggle.

Fart masker.

A proper throne.

To impress the ghost from Amazing World of Gumball.

To break something

Flags for their new nation.

To, just once, kick a sith-lord where the Force isn't with him.

Dark Souls 4 - 9.

Australia. All of it.

Daedric armaments.

A brand new cliche.

Dirty mangas.

To see again.

Some incidental music.

A new Jerma video.

To build that giant Nazi gun and shoot our enemies with it.

All those naughty games on steam.

(What good is property if she isn't real?) For me to drop the Immortan Joe act, out of fear that certain people won't get the joke.

a cheese covered building.

Twenty less pounds of body fat.

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