The person above me secretly wishes for....

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For someone to make him a sandwich.

The meaning of zoetrope.

PENIS and more creativity.

For it to be Tomato's turn.

For, just this once, the "60% chance to hit" to mean it'll actually hit on ironman-mode.

A back massage by a close friend

Paper bags.

A puff of inspiration.

To become a youtuber

To strangle a YouTuber.

a solid gold toilet seat.

A pet netch.

Exotic sausages

Black-market starship parts.

vigorous jazz hands!

Replicating, self-repairing robots.


A gruff military shooter protagonist.

Potatoes of the devine.

A shipment of Bugles and Tootsie Rolls.

A small part in the Game of Thrones porno.

A pet duck.

To meet a plumber with a tie.

A bladed gauntlet.

All the gold within 80 miles of their location.

A sequel to Titanic.

A Ninja Turtles-themed bedroom makeover.


Cheesy rice.

A sequel to Titanic.

There already is one.

OT: To meet a man who can not be described by words.


White keyboard and mouse.

Stylish knee-high boots.

A music album dedicated to him.

Another three World Wars.

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