The person above me secretly wishes for....

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More coins

To build a money-gun that uses coins as bullets.

Every LEGO ever.

Everyone to salute in his presence.

The violent, litigious end of Steam Greenlight.

a tiny restaurant

A cleavage hall of fame.

Why stop at cleavage, why not THE WORLD?

Musical swordfights.

A junk food night.

A rapid-fire potato launcher.

More vegetable memes.

All the avatars in the world.

Bones to snap, flesh to rend, blood to spray.

To wash someone's laundry with his tongue.

A job at a cat cafe.

To die hardest of all.

A more inhospitable domain.

Five out of five ducks.

A really great massage.

More things to talk about.

A sweet flip-phone.

To join a country club.

All the sheet music in the world.

For someone to make him a sandwich.

The meaning of zoetrope.

PENIS and more creativity.

For it to be Tomato's turn.

For, just this once, the "60% chance to hit" to mean it'll actually hit on ironman-mode.

A back massage by a close friend

Paper bags.

A puff of inspiration.

To become a youtuber

To strangle a YouTuber.

a solid gold toilet seat.

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