The person above me secretly wishes for....

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A trip to bulgaria

Free entry to any Disneyland, for life.

A car that runs on Sprite.

Remote-controlled detonating penguins.

Sexy lingerie for men.

An armpit hair trim.

An art degree.

A chance to fight in a war.

The affection and allegiance of all four-legged creatures.

The death of social media.

A different time spoke.

More reasons to be offended.

A solution to the economy.

The feel of sweat on the chest.

Braised beef and noodle soup with diced spring onions and a sprinkle of white pepper.

The soft touch of a bag of cheetos.

A pug.


a glass of milk.

A slice of toffee and pecan pie.

More movies focused on white guys.

A pond full of frogs and dragonflies.

A gem stone shower.

A new hat for their wardrobe.

A new Ikea store near his house.

A pet blobfish.


A large tub of crackers.

zumba lessons

A drawing of a zebra by their favourite artist.

Tickets to a Rammstein concert.

A pile of English muffins.

More internet fights.

More wiggle room to do The Worm.

The Playstation 2 era to make a comeback.

A snuggie and a mug of hot chocolate

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