The person above me secretly wishes for....

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More Duplo.

To find his missing red "Z".

To find his missing red "Z".

It's actually based on my initials.

ot, Another monorail set.

To find his missing red "Z".

To get in on my sweet dumb god.

OT: To also get in on said dumb god.
He's so dumb he doesn't know he's a god...

To drive off a cliff with a freeze-frame.

the return of she who must not be named.

inner peace.

To keep this thread alive.

to keep all threads alive.

To keep a roadkill chicken alive just to show it stupid stop-motion cartoons.

Five golden pennies.

For me to forget that he originally said "Five golden penises."

A cross thread meta game of fidget spinners.

soup, beautiful soup.

For Casper the Friendly Ghost to replace Slimer as the Ghostbusters mascot.

To own the Lego brand

World domination.

For the next Mass Effect game to have even sillier glitches.

For a man called Paul to serve his every need.

For a new borderlands

For the story of the Life is Strange prequel to be all about collecting experimental games that would take up 100% of the game-play.

More work for chimney sweeps.

For that poor tree to sprout some leaves.

A shipment of Aqua Pura.

To complete his Ryuk cosplay in time for the Netflix premiere.

More door to door salesmen.

"For me to POOP ON", he wanted me to say.

a gun that shoots shurikens and lightning, has breasts, and is on fire!

Secretly wishes to cause mayhem!

Havent Seen You In Years

Ot: Secretly Wishes To Stay

more bacon!

A beatboxer to follow them around and score their day.

But only on Wednesdays.

a return to the glory days.

The halcyon days of yore.

a portable hole.

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