The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Another world.

12 AM rifles
11 Stinger launchers
10 Kalashnikovs
9 Pulse rifles
8 Flamethrowers
7 Laser guns
6 Mounted turrets
5 Lighting guns
4 Combat drones
3 Machine pistols
2 Shotguns
And a Stun gun on standby.

A box of grenades.

attractive friends

Some huge Welsh cock.

Secretly wishes that I would pop back suddenly and bump this thread! :P

a patchy beard

An employer of the year award this year :)

A kids animated movie directed by Quentin Tarantino.

The return of the bees and the butterflies.

chubby fingers

A hand with this annoying briefcase full of hermit crabs.

Seth Rogen's autograph

The face of James Franco. Just, like, in a frame.

To know what I was thinking.

For a bucket of fried chicken.


the 12 days of Starcrafts.

To be discovered by undead orcs and lead them to glory.

a carbot Christmas!

To kick dwarves out of their own castle and make Scrooge McDuck impersonations in their treasure room.

Mud for the mug dog!

An endless stream of potatoes in their backyard.

Mud for the mug dog!

Dumb for the dumb god!

More Duplo.

To find his missing red "Z".

To find his missing red "Z".

It's actually based on my initials.

ot, Another monorail set.

To find his missing red "Z".

To get in on my sweet dumb god.

OT: To also get in on said dumb god.
He's so dumb he doesn't know he's a god...

To drive off a cliff with a freeze-frame.

the return of she who must not be named.

inner peace.

To keep this thread alive.

to keep all threads alive.

To keep a roadkill chicken alive just to show it stupid stop-motion cartoons.

Five golden pennies.

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