The person above me secretly wishes for....

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...Damn, your right!!!

Secretly Wishes for a KFC bucket while riding a water park slide.

Secretly wishes he had founded facebook.

Secretly wishes they were a kitty.

Secretly wishes to be a Shogun.

A cat wearing a trilby...

he wishes for a new siege tank

Wishes Valve would release episode 3 already

wishes to blow up the outside world

Wishes youtube would stop glitching out after taking a long time to load his videos

wishes to be able to run at 50 MPH

His throne to be more clean!

he wishes he could bring more skulls to the skull throne

He wishes to become famous!

Secretly wishes for my my Peach badge.

Secretly wishes for true love.


Secretly wishes to wear a mini-skirt!

it cant be a secret wish if he's already doing it XD

OT: secretly wishes to be on the moon

I'll do anything for you! xD

OT: Secretly wishes to rule a rock!

Secretly wishes to throw rocks at bystanders.

Secretly wishes to party hard!

Secretly wishes to be the center of attention.

Secretly wishes he could party softly.

Secretly wishes to be the center of attention.

BUT I AM!!! >:D

OT: Secretly isn't going down without a fight!

Wishes his hat was bigger!

Secretly wishes I'd stop giving him stuff! ^-^

Secretly wishes for his hat back.

Sorry, innocence has it :P

OT: Secretly wishes for it back!

Secretly wishes for moar money.

Secretly wishes for tickets to the next Big four show

Secretly wishes for tickets to the next Justin bieber concert O.O

Secretly wishes for sexy time.

tis true.

Secretly wishes he had a golden hat.

Secretly wishes for a pimp hat!

secretly wishes for a sombrero and a cheesy mustache.

Secretly wishes no one will ever understand his avatar!

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