The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Secretly wishes that somebody will understand his magical hat's speeches...or is that just me.

Secretly wishes for world peace... so it'll be easier to take it over


OT: Secretly wishes a pirate!

Secretly wishes to hunt pirates

Secretly wishes to be pirate hunting ninjas...

Secretly wishes for happiness.

@Yureina: Hello, sweetie. How are you?

Secretly wishes for me to be eating a pie. >_0

Secretly wishes for more wishes.

secretly wishes for me to stop probing his mind for information about his secret wishes

Secretly wishes for information that someone could probe from him.

secretly wishes to probe me!

Secretly wishes I would.

Secretly wishes for pics. O.O

Secretly wishes for Vids!

Secretly wishes for MOAR threads!

a bunch of pies he can get naked with..

to join in! O.O

For all the credit!

For a pet penguin who's actually a midget in a suit

For a strawberry flavoured banana!

For a orchestra to follow him around scoring his life.

For Super Saiyan powers.

For the internet to talk to him more.

For more brain power to master telekinesis!

For a master enemy >:D

For the power to handle all of this!

That I could handle the power.

For a challenge! O.O

To challenge me! >:D

Secretly wishes for the challenge to be quick

Secretly wishes to team up with Grape and ambush me

Secretly wishes to be ambushed. :D

Secretly wishes to know my hiding spot.

Secretly wishes for a neon sign outside his hideout.

Secretly wishes it would be a blue neon sign.

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