The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Secretly wishes the sign would say "Not a hideout"

secretly wishes to have an 8-ball

Secretly wishes for more foods!

Secretly wishes he had pizza!

Secretly wishes to wear a bra. O.O

Secretly wishes for Pics O_O

secretly wishes for video of it!

Secretly wishes for better quality.

secretly wishes for tits or gtfo!

Secretly wishes for more metal!

secretly wishes for more alternative soft-punk :P

O/o wha? xD

Secretly wishes for more money!

Secretly wishes for more people

secretly wishes for more crab-people

Secretly wishes for more hats

For a mud crab invasion!


Secretly wishes for muddy rain O_O

For chocolate rain. ;D

To make it rain :D

To run around the room naked... O.O

To run around town naked O_O

To save more threads!

To have more threads to save

To use my words against me!

To point out the obvious!

Secretly wishes to be better at stating the obvious.

To point out the obviously obvious!

Secretly wishes to be Batman.

secretly wishes to be the joker

Secretly wishes for more puns.

Secretly wishes for a jar full of pennies

secretly wishes for a jar full of ponies

Secretly wishes that Sonic Generations will be a franchise-killer.

secretly wishes for a chocolate fountain

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