The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Secretly wishes for a date with a rabid tasmanian devil

secretly wishes for a huge paper-weight that has "10-ton" on it

Secretly wishes for a hat in the shape of a leech eating his head

Secretly wishes for a jar of leeches O_O

Secretly wishes for stronger chloroform.

Secretly wishes for better rags >.>

For a ship in a bottle!

For a bottle in a ship!

To be captain of the ship bottle!

To be the first mate of the ship bottle!

To be free! O>O

To be caged!

For free money!

For a money tree

For magic beans!

For a bean stalk!

To be more powerful then all the army's of the world!

more violent then violence!

More deadly then death!

To write creepy stuff O_O

to jump the shark

To know what I referenced. :P

To tell me what you referenced >.>

To know it was a Megadeth song! ^-^

for everyone here to listen and remember one of the weakest megadeth albums...

(it's not bad, but not close to the others)

I'm on the same page with you there! >:D

OT: For more Countdown to extinction! >:P

wishes for me to put a megadeth reference here...

To do one! >:D

To leave me in the dark

wishes to leave me in the gray

More money.

more bitches

More gigolos!

more horses (that's right, I saw the pictures!)

To see more pictures >.>

to be in more pictures

to make more pictures <.<

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