The person above me secretly wishes for....

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To know my other dark secrets <.<

to dance naked on pluto!

To dance naked down broadway!

to fly me to broadway!

To do the dirty dance >:D

to do the clean dance (the same, just with more soap)

Wishes that soap couldn't stop him!

wishes for evil soap and deodorant...

To wash him with said soap!

For pics O_O

to be the soap

for him to be dropped :P

Oh god that was a good one :D

OT: To be the other inmate O_O

to be the one who dropped the soap

To drop a vase

to drop a baby

Read my mind more >.>

read my leg

Read my report >.>

report my report

To do my report >:D

to say hello to my pet rock...

I call him rock...

To know what I call my pet rock >.>

To eternally serve a pet rock.

To obey my pet rock!

Secretly wishes to be a caveman.

To be in a cave! O.O

secretly wishes to be in a man O.o

no no no no no, I'm not going down that road again...

alright lets see.... secretly wishes to be named jeff...
that was easy enough...

Secretly wishes to steal my name D:

Secretly wishes to be a monkey.

Secretly wishes to have 1000 posts >.>

I do. Also want the Escapist E on my avatar.

Secretly wishes that he could be on Big Brother.

@chro: Go to the avatar store, if you can give them a pic of your avatar they can add an escapist e among other things >.> I got my avatar there too /Shameless advertising

Secretly will vote for me on big brother >:D

Do I search for a certain user?

Secretly wishes to play Sins of a Solar Empire online with me.

@chr: A Links for you! its a user group BTW so you'll have to join and just go into the chat and tell them whatcha want and they'll do it for ya in time ^-^

Secretly wishes I had it >.>

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