The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Thank you.

The above user secretly wishes to have his "Precious" back.

Secretly wishes to have the escapist e on the hat of his avatar

@chr: Thats what I'm here for ^-^

Secretly wishes people would stop complaining about his smelly beard. (It has a bit of tomato sauce on it)

Secretly wishes he had a beard >.>
As do I >.>

People are secretly wishing we would stop....But we shan't!!

Secretly wishes to get 1000 posts tonight

Just nine more!

Secretly wishes Mock the Week was on.

Secretly wont leave this thread for fear of ninjas >.>

Dam right! Fucking ninjas. Go pirates!

Secretly wishes to watch MLP.

Never!!!! Maybe one day >.>

Secretly prefers ninjas >:D

Ha!. Knew it.

Secretly wishes to be Iron Man.

People keep telling me I should watch it but fuck those people, I may just watch it to make them stop >.>

Secretly wishes to be robin

Would rather be Batman.

Secretly wishes that his goldfish would stop staring.

Secretly wishes to listen to Throwdown

Secretly wishes that the other users of The Escapist would stop staring death threats in our direction.

Secretly wishes that I don't care >:D

Secretly wish that the man behind would go away. Boo.

Secretly wishes to steal my pet rock >.>

Secretly wishes to throw thy Holy Hand Grenade. 1.....2.....5!

Secretly wishes to go gonzo ^-^

I have!

Secretly wishes to...........dammit. I'm out.

I know the feeling of going gonzo tis a great feeling ^-^
I'd feel better for you but I have to write a paper >.>

Secretly wishes to have a party

Secretly wishes to be invited.

......Yeah >.>

Secretly wishes to throw a bigger party next door and invite me ^-^

Secretly wishes to bring beer.

Secretly wishes to bring the hookers.

To make me the hooker! D:

Secretly wishes to be the hooker >:D

To become a flower.

To become the brightest star.

To become a sheathe.

For the full version of katawa shoujo to be released already

For the directors cut to come out.

A box of starving, half-crazed weasles.

A rock.

I mean a BIGASS rock.

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