Two words

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Time machine!

Machine men.

Men, charge!

Charge it.

It works.

Works too...

Too Human.

Human flaws.

Flaws in.

In Canada.

Canada man?

Man and.

And me.

Me eat.

Eat me.

Me alive.

Alive again.

Again and...

And Kirby!

Kirby pie!

Pie man.

Man Up!

("sorry captcha, my keyboard has no pi symbol" *click* "nor does it have epsilon" *click*
"why is discussion upside down?" *click, naughty word pops up "*blush* well there goes any pretense you had there captcha

Up side.

Side Step.

Step up

Up town.

Up high!

High class.

Class sucks!

Suck it

It's awesome.

Awesome sauce

Sauce spill.

Spill milk

Milk bad. D:

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