Two words

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Crier cries! X3

cries CRIER! X_0'

Crier tier!


Tier Queer

Queer pier! O>O

Pier destruction!

Destruction crew!

crew wolves!

Wolves attack!

attack grapes!

Grape green!

Green screen.

Screen ager!

Ager pager.

Pager rager!

Rager party.

Party maniac.

Manic man!

Man bear.

Bear pig!

Pig fight!

Fight night.

Night rider.

Rider dryer?

Dryer machine.

Machine man!

Man down.

Down there!

There too?

Too bad!

Bad times.

Times 3!

Hey! 3 isn't a word it's a number, a number!!!! XD

OT: Three times! ^-^

Times square.

pyramid head grape:
Episode 3! >;3


Damn, I've been had. Now to go into hiding! :3

OT:Square pear!

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