Two words

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Blends nicely.

Nicely played!

Played rough...

Rough battle.

Battle hard >.> (uh oh I know where the next person is going to go >.>)

See I knew it! I have ESP O.O

Hard PENIS rock.

Rock on!

On board!

Board break.

Break bones!

Bones bone!

Bone throne.

Throne tone!

Tone change!

Change it.

It rings!

Ring him!

Rings him!

Don't drop the plurals :P

Him wrong!

@Red: It would have sounded weird if I didn't drop it!

OT: Wrong cat!

@Staika: The point is you need to work with what is given to you :P

OT: Cat girl ^.^

Girl dog O_O

Dog person.

person uses!

Uses protection :O

uses me!

Me is!

Is good.

Good boy!

Boy Oh.

Oh my

My defiance!

Defiance Ohio!

Ohio fights!

Fights tonight!

Tonight we

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