Vote for Me!

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Vote for the revival of the Patriarch!

vote for me, I will make the ninjas go away!

Vote for me, and you'll all get an attractive ninja!

Vote for me; I'm 40% likely to know what I'm doing.

vote for me, there's a 140% I'd get the numbers right!

Vote for me, I bring heightened libidos!



A vote for me is a vote for somebody else's policies.

A vote for me brings compulsory monocle wearing...(!)

A vote for the Emo party is a vote permanently wasted

vote for me, and I will do stuff...

Vote for me, and I will do different stuff.

Vote for me and I will win.

A vote for me is a vote for the future! We will shine new light on the old way of thinking and retroactively support the current change if we are elected. The benefits of voting me into power will be evident to me immediately, and it will change the lives of some of you in a somewhat beneficial way and the rest of you can rest assured that that change is for the betterment of those people. You won't find us making any empty promises.

A vote for me is a tick in the right* box.

*Right being respective to the candidate.

Vote for me for better comprehension skills!

vote, me, lazy...

Vote for me! I'm bloody energetic yo!

vote for me...
or dont, see if I care...

Vote for me and I'll take care of Steeple!

vote for me, or else I'll throw a shovel at para!
I'm lying, I'll do it anyway *prepares shovel*

Vote for me and I'll cure AIDS, cancer and Justin bieber (By blowing his brains out)....

vote for me for less cats!

Vote for vampires protection!

a vote for me is a vote for borealum

A vote for me is a vote for Canadians. Gotta love those guys. :D

vote for me, or I'll unleash the beiber terror!

Vote for me and I'll destroy the dysentery!

Vote for me! For absolutely no change what so ever!

Vote for me and kitties will become the future!

Night before the election:

Pundit: Ok, I'll put this in simple terms:

Lib Dem- Who?

Vote for me, I promise to never be a crook.

He's dead! Vote for me! A more alive option!

If you vote for me I will record a song on the ukulele about you.

Vote for me for the zombie apocalypse!

Vote for me, I bring ninjas!

Vote for me! The ninjas are a lie! D:

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